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Paperback: 176 pages (Sold out!)

eBook: 176 pages (PDF)

ISBN: 978-067-802-6 

Language: English 

Publisher: Purplewood

Book Excerpt

When you possess and apply proven career success techniques and strategies, you increase by many times your chances of succeeding in the workplace. This book has been designed to be your guide and coach. We know that you would find it useful and instructive. It will expose you to those things you never knew could enhance your chances of success in the workplace. In some cases, you would discover that you are familiar with some techniques but you may have taken its efficacy for granted.

It is not intended that you only know these strategies. We expect that you would gradually adopt the techniques and strategies as part of your Career Enhancement Strategy. You must apply the principles consistently and be on the lookout for opportunities that you can take advantage of. Do not be discouraged at any point. Success at work and in your career is a progressive affair that requires patience, faith and continuous effort. And, in a short while, distinction and all its rewards would be yours.



How to Excel at Work

- Proven strategies for achieving superior work performance