“Bili Odum has written one of the best success books I have ever read. It's a great book because the emphasis is not on cheap tricks that will help you get ahead of others. The emphasis is on improving your skills so that your work is more valuable to your employer. By working both smarter and harder you are putting yourself on the fast track to success. Every employer should start by buying a copy of this book for every employee and a large supply for the new employees that you will be hiring as your business expands.



Be assured that if you take the principles in this book and make them the principles by which you run your company, you will be expanding very much and very soon.

Allow me to explain that I have known Bili Odum for over four years. I have been to his home. I have traveled Nigeria with him for sixteen days. I have seen him interact with the President of Nigeria, cabinet members, many princes and and dozens of Nigeria's leading business people. He is one of the most successful Nigerians because he lives his life by the principles in his book. You would do well to follow them too."

Roger Dawson, 

Founder, The Power Negotiating Institute, USA 

Author, Secrets of Power Negotiating

“I am an avid reader of self-empowering books. I think Bili’s book is one of the best Nigerian books I have read. The well-researched content and contributions of highly successful Nigerians like Christopher Kolade, Tony Elumelu, Felix Ohiwerei, amongst others, makes the book an authentic reference point and practical guide for every Nigerian worker with distinction on their mind.”

Ferdinand M. Ibezim, 

Author, The XYZ of Business & Social Networking

How to Excel at Work

- Proven strategies for achieving superior work performance