How To Excel At Work

- Proven strategies for achieving superior work performance

Excerpts from Success Notes of Top Executives 

“Problems will always come, and they usually come in different

forms. The principal thing you need to do is find a solution to the problem. The principle I use for solving problems is quite simple. When a problem arises, the very first thing I do is pray. I ask for divine intervention. I then consider the various options that I have to solve the problem. The solution that gives me peace of mind is the one I adopt. Very often the solution does not come immediately. Sometimes it comes almost spontaneously."

Dr. Felix Ohiwerei, 

Former Chairman & Chief Executive, Nigeria Breweries 

Former Chairman, Virgin Nigeria

Chairman, Unilever Plc

Recipient of ZIK Prize for Leadership

“... it is indeed true to say that you cannot rise above the level of information that you possess. I believe that anyone who wants to rise in life should expose himself to good quality information that will develop him intellectually and spiritually. I am over 60 years old and one goal I have just set for myself is to extend my private library in my home to accommodate more publications ...."

Prince Tony Momoh, 

Journalist, Legal Practitioner 

Former Honourable Minister, Federal Republic of Nigeria

Former Editor, Daily Times

Former President, Nigerian Guild of Editors



“One crucial requirement for true success in the workplace is integrity. Integrity is another word for honesty, goodness and uprightness. Let your co-workers be able to precisely attest that you are a man or woman of integrity. I think in the final analysis there is nothing as admirable as integrity.”

Mr. Ike Emeagwali, 

Former Director (Marketing), Nigerian Tobacco Company

Chairman, Thomas Wyatt Nigeria Plc

Lecturer, Lagos Business School

“To rise to the top in any organisation, you have to certainly work hard. This is, as they say, a given. However, my experience tells me it is not only working hard that takes you up there. You also have to work smart. Many people are

really working hard and it has taken them only so far. However, a few people are working hard and smart, and they are moving to the top of their careers. Working smart is a sine qua non for success. I believe in working smart.”

Mr. Kris Nwosu, 

Former Managing Director & CEO, Universal Trust Bank

CEO, Boom Capital